Hello there! I’m Erica, the owner of this little business called Erica Abbey Photography. I’m a natural light photographer who loves to photograph… life! From the awesome people I get to meet to my everyday surroundings, I love to capture anything that inspires me to bring out the artist within. I started photographing the world in Black & White film and making my own prints, but my interests quickly entered into the realm of digital photography. I received a Bachelor of Science in Photography from Towson University in 2008, where I primarily studied Silver Gelatin printing and alternative processes.

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How about some fun facts about me?



I’m a newlywed!! I married my soul mate and my best friend, Andrew, on 7.1.12.  I love him so much and am super grateful to have him in my life. 🙂 Beside our shared love for music, we both love to cook!! 

(Our awesome photo is by our wonderful wedding photographer Natalie Franke Photography!)


303764_10100588422453665_1549931022_nI love pickles! Yup, pickles. (No judging here! 😉 )  Beside eating them, I love to can my own pickles and pickled asparagus every winter and summer! (Shout out to my pickling crew!)

252635_10151210186707907_1875320340_nMy favorite movie in the entire world is “Singin’ in the Rain.” Beside Gene Kelly being a dancing genius, I love the romantic love story, the music, the colors, and the cinematography! It’s the movie that will always make me smile and love the world even more. I made this painting at my bachelorette party of my version of Gene Kelly singing from the lamp post!


One thing I can’t live without (beside my cameras): Lip Balm! Seriously, I always have lip balm with me. I keep some in my desk, night stand drawer, my purse, and my camera bag… I am slightly obsessed. I love the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm most of all. 🙂



Even though Blue/Teal is my favorite color, I LOVE wearing purple sunglasses.