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What can I say, I am so excited that my sister and her fiance Colin are going to get married next year!!! It’s a long time coming for sure and their wedding will be a blast. Alexis and Colin asked me if I can shoot their engagement session in their new home in Calvert County and I was honored! Besides finding beautiful corn fields and a private beach off the river, they had something else in store they wanted me to photograph… a color paint fight!! I have always wanted to photograph a color fight, and who better to do this with then them. 🙂 Lucky for us we were able to capture the whole session right before it started to rain!

It was great to watch them spend time together since they have been living a long distance relationship for over two years, and finally able to capture some great moments for them.




They wanted to show off their boots for the save the dates since their wedding is taking place at a barn. I can’t wait to get our save the date magnet in the mail soon!




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Colin loves his truck, and it can go in the water. So of course we had to get a photo with them in the water… with the truck.


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I miss printing my photographs. It’s a total given though, since I haven’t done any personal projects in a long time to allow myself to print out my images. One of the reasons why I did Project Life 365 last year was not only to find my creative side again, but give myself an excuse to print out my fine art again. For my birthday this year I decided to treat myself to create an album to showcase my favorite images, instead of printing a ton of square photos. I decided using MILK Books to create my album to showcase my year and I couldn’t be happier! They teamed up with Project Life 365 to give PL365-ers their own book template to efficiently showcase their year of Instagram masterpieces, and decided to go with that. Two weeks ago I received my 8×8 album in the mail and I am excited to show you MY Project Life 365 [2013]!


On two pages, I added two quotes from some of my all time favorite photographers that brought inspiration to this project. I love how the bold colors make the book more modern, plus I matched the colors to correspond to the facing page.


Before I blog a few more sessions from 2013, I wanted to make sure I share this moment I experienced a few weeks ago. I got to enjoy with my husband last month our first “snow day” at our new house. We were in the basement, watching the Ravens game on the couch. We had put our first log in the fire place and enjoyed the warmth from it while we watched the snow fall. Of course, I wanted to go take some photos. Got all bundled up and went into our back yard.

 I just stood there in the grass, with a big bubble umbrella over my head, just listening. Hearing the snow fall, the ton of birds eating at the feeder from our neighbors, the creek running through. It really was a few minutes of peace and it really made me happy. Of course these aren’t the best photos in the world since I ran around outside for a few minutes, but it still captures that memory of seeing this house I own with Andrew, our home in the snow. It captures that we made a right decision with this house and one of our first memories in this house together.

2014-01-15_0013 2014-01-15_0012

Love our little rosemary plant we have in the front!

2014-01-15_0011 2014-01-15_0010 2014-01-15_0009 2014-01-15_0008

Yeah, we got a creek in our back yard! It was one of the features we loved with this house. Pretty neat, huh? 😉

2014-01-15_0007 2014-01-15_0006 2014-01-15_0005 2014-01-15_0004 2014-01-15_0003 2014-01-15_0002 2014-01-15_0001