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I miss printing my photographs. It’s a total given though, since I haven’t done any personal projects in a long time to allow myself to print out my images. One of the reasons why I did Project Life 365 last year was not only to find my creative side again, but give myself an excuse to print out my fine art again. For my birthday this year I decided to treat myself to create an album to showcase my favorite images, instead of printing a ton of square photos. I decided using MILK Books to create my album to showcase my year and I couldn’t be happier! They teamed up with Project Life 365 to give PL365-ers their own book template to efficiently showcase their year of Instagram masterpieces, and decided to go with that. Two weeks ago I received my 8×8 album in the mail and I am excited to show you MY Project Life 365 [2013]!


On two pages, I added two quotes from some of my all time favorite photographers that brought inspiration to this project. I love how the bold colors make the book more modern, plus I matched the colors to correspond to the facing page.


I can’t believe that this year is 3/4 of the way done! When I started Project Life 365 January 1st, I thought this would make my year go by slower. Slowly enough to enjoy the days more. Man, I was wrong! It’s gone by in a flash and now it’s September! Since it’s been a few months since I have shown some of my PL365 work, I want to show you some more of my favorite images I have done recently. I have some favorites in this bunch! I can really see my taste for iphoneography, editing and my artistic aesthetic changing along the way over the year, and I am loving how far it’s come. The one thing that has surprised me is how many self portraits I have taken in the last month or so. I really don’t like being on that side of the camera, so maybe it’s a sign that I may be more comfortable to show myself in a different way?

I’m really proud of myself for sticking through a year long project. I never thought I would not only feel my creativity being rejuvenated, but it really has help me gain more confidence in myself and my artistic eye. Want to follow me on instagram to see my Project Life 365 adventure and some behind the scene shots of my life and my work? Click the instagram button at the bottom of the page or find me @ emaphoto3 .

photo 1

July 9th: #ME_TIME


photo 2

July 11th: Ball #PARK


photo 1

 August 1st: #YOU_TODAY


photo 3

August 5th: #COLLECTION


photo 3

July 16th: #TICK_TOCK


photo 2

August 3rd: #HAIR


photo 3

August 28th: #RULE_OF_THIRDS

*PL365 picked this image as their daily feature! A little screen shot below from my phone. Glad one of my favorite image by far was picked!*

photo 5


photo 10

August 31st: #THANK_YOU in ASL


{From Left to right: Jan. 16th: #Sign_of_winter, March 21st: #Weather,

March 18th: #Light, Feb. 3rd: #Bedside}

For those who have been following me on Instagram (if not, come find me! @emaphoto3), you know that I have decided to take a journey on doing my first 365 photo project. I have been against it for a couple of years to be honest. Taking a photo every day just because wasn’t really structured enough for me, plus creating a theme for my indecisive mind I knew was never going to happen. I knew if I was going to embark on a 365 project, I wanted to treat it like a photo class. I wanted to feel like I was back in college where my creative soul was really pushed to really think outside the box. I just couldn’t find one that I liked nor dedicate the time to.

Last December I was looking on one of my favorite photographer store Design Aglowand I came across those words, “Project Life 365”. It really caught my eye and decided to click the link and see what this project was all about.  As it says on their blog, “Through interpretive daily prompts, Project Life 365 awakens and celebrates individual creativity and spirit by fostering an interactive online community where photo sharing fuels inspiration and a new ‘point-and-shoot of view’ every single day of the year.” I was instantly sold! Finally a project that I knew was totally up my ally, and that can force me to be an artist again and create the time every day to be creative again.


{Feb. 24th: #Goodnight} 

I’m only on the 5th month and I have been enjoying every second of it! I will say it’s been hard since I work a full time job, plus running my own business to dedicate the time to this project. What I love about PL365 is that they post the words for the week, plus I have a calendar for the month so I can start brainstorming ahead of ideas, plus go through my iphone to see if I have something that suits that word. I said early on that the photo must be from 2013, so none from the past 2 years I have had the iphone will make an appearance. I have gotten to know my trusty iphone how I can push it to it’s limit. Plus, I bought an olloclip for my lens, which I have been dying to buy for a year but waiting for the right deal.

PL365Blog3{Jan. 24th: #faux}

It’s never too late join! Go check their website out for more information and how to download blog boards, calendars and a guide. 🙂 For some inspiration, go to your instagram app, and search for #projectlife365 and see what others in our PL365 community has come up with!