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I have mentioned before that my theme for 2014 is the year of the photograph, offering multiple ways to help get your photos of your session off your computer. Today, I am happy to share a new tool that will help get your photographs on the wall! This baby is so cool! I can not only size images to show you why the bigger the image the better, but what would your images look as a print with a frame or a canvas and help create multiple layouts! This app helps you visualize what you want to see on your wall, and play around with different ideas until you find something that will help you remember those memories we captured together at your session. It’s this great app called Shoot and Sell! This app comes preloaded with different rooms as an example, but you can also upload an image of the very wall you are trying to hang photos on!

I had the opportunity to use it this weekend hanging some prints for a client, and got to take some iphone pictures to show you!


Say Hello to my trusty ipad!

2014-02-17_0004This is an example of a stock image of a living room that comes with the app. I am using one to play with different options of a project I am working on for my own home.



Here is the photograph of the wall that my client wanted to hang her photos on. It’s a little tricky with corners, but the end result is fantastic! We decided on the layout by which photograph will be in which type of frame and which side of the corner of the wall. She ordered two 8x10s in Midnight Blue color Organic Bloom frames. LOVE these!

After measuring the wall to match the photo, TA-DA! The final result, a little mini gallery in the corner of my client’s nursery!




Want to book a session and receive an in-home ordering service? Book your session today! We have a great deal going on if you book before March 1st, you will receive a free Organic Bloom frame ornament! Email Erica at for more information!

Oy vey, I must be the worst blogger in the world! When things get busy, I tend to focus more on my clients, work, and my life and push blogging to the side. Well, I think I have a system down now that I can blog more often now. Hooray! You know I have to share my what I’ve been up to! 🙂

So today’s blog post is all about Randy! Randy is a dear friend of mine. We met years ago when we pledge our fraternity together and have been through some amazing times together. He decided to embark on a new adventure and start anew in Philadelphia, PA a few months ago. While I am so proud and happy for him, it’s not the same without him here anymore and I miss having him around. He contacted me a month before he left asking to have a head shot session done to update his professional resumes and online presence. Of course we did the normal corporate head shots in my tiny apartment, but we went outside to do a more modern approach and of course those are my favorite :-). Randy, I hope you like you new head shots and that you are striving to accomplish your goals as you start a new career.

Everyone, say hello to Randy!




To throw in a blooper shot into the mix… (mind you this is SOOC, so not edited here)


This is what happens when you have friends of Andrew and I’s over to photograph :-p. Thank you Andrew.