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I always get excited when a new client emails me wanting to set up a session. I love even more when people who have crossed my path in my life at some point, regardless of keeping in contact or just Facebook friends, contact me to set up a session! Niki is one of those people. We were in the clarinet section for a few years (until I switched to the brass section) in our TU Marching Band days, and we were friendly then. Fast forward many years later… Niki met Andrew. I remember seeing on Facebook her gushing over her new man, and I knew there was something special there. So you can probably picture my face when I saw an inquiry from Niki for a session to celebrate her and Andrew’s two year anniversary. Uhh… YEAH! This couple is not only down to earth, but some of the goofy and hilarious and loving couples I know. I loved watching Niki sign to Andrew, him signing back and her cracking up after his response. It’s those little things no matter how you can communicate, that makes a relationship special. Plus, their dog Dakota!! She was so sweet and just LOVED being in front of my lens. I’m sure if that dog had hair, she would be flipping it like a model cause she knows she’s pretty! It was great to reconnect with Niki and meet the guy who swept her off her feet! I had a BLAST during our session and know you will be show casing your lovely images in your new home together!


I loved watching them signing to each other!


Their dog Dakota was the SWEETEST dog ever! She loved sitting with my assistant while we were shooting around Federal Hill.