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I have mentioned before that my theme for 2014 is the year of the photograph, offering multiple ways to help get your photos of your session off your computer. Today, I am happy to share a new tool that will help get your photographs on the wall! This baby is so cool! I can not only size images to show you why the bigger the image the better, but what would your images look as a print with a frame or a canvas and help create multiple layouts! This app helps you visualize what you want to see on your wall, and play around with different ideas until you find something that will help you remember those memories we captured together at your session. It’s this great app called Shoot and Sell! This app comes preloaded with different rooms as an example, but you can also upload an image of the very wall you are trying to hang photos on!

I had the opportunity to use it this weekend hanging some prints for a client, and got to take some iphone pictures to show you!


Say Hello to my trusty ipad!

2014-02-17_0004This is an example of a stock image of a living room that comes with the app. I am using one to play with different options of a project I am working on for my own home.



Here is the photograph of the wall that my client wanted to hang her photos on. It’s a little tricky with corners, but the end result is fantastic! We decided on the layout by which photograph will be in which type of frame and which side of the corner of the wall. She ordered two 8x10s in Midnight Blue color Organic Bloom frames. LOVE these!

After measuring the wall to match the photo, TA-DA! The final result, a little mini gallery in the corner of my client’s nursery!




Want to book a session and receive an in-home ordering service? Book your session today! We have a great deal going on if you book before March 1st, you will receive a free Organic Bloom frame ornament! Email Erica at for more information!

2014 is going to be a bigger and better year for Erica Abbey Photography. I have previously posted a very personal post about how I really want to focus in on my business and life, trying to find that balance. Well after a few months of research, planning and dreaming, my little business is not only focusing on creating beautiful memories, but the experience as well.  From online forms and payment, to a new session packet that every client will receive after booking; we have great things in store! More professional, colorful, and cheerful! I like to call it the “EAP experience”.

For many years growing up visiting my grandparent’s house in Long Island, I remember the times my grandmother let us in the living room, I would love to sit on the floor next to their pretty cool glass coffee table and look at the wedding albums of my Mom and Dad’s and my Aunt and Uncle. I always thought how beautifully made they were; each photograph printed and matted, bound into this thick leather book. Then upstairs in *I think* my Mom’s old bedroom, was two photographs on a shelf in these ornate gold frames. One of my grandparents, beautifully and gorgeously hand colored, and one of my parents (My Mom wore her Mother’s wedding dress). Even though I wasn’t alive when the photos were taken, I felt like I was a part of it. It felt like Home for me when I saw those things at my grandparent’s, and I am so happy I can do that for my home and for my clients! I will admit after many years in the darkroom and creating my own photographs, to decorating my new home with photographs of great memories, I don’t understand keeping those photographs you love just sitting on a computer. Yes, I can be guilty of it too, but I am so happy now that I have the time, places and the funds to slowly hang and creating albums of my own trips and iconic times in my life. Photography was meant to be printed, and it’s something I strongly believe in. It’s time to start reminding people how important it is to showcase your images, and I have some of the best products to offer to help achieve that. I am dubbing this year of 2014, The Year of the Photograph.

All sessions this year now come included with an optional in-home ordering session! This is where I bring my samples and swatches to show you what you can choose from, and we can bring your session to life! I have something super cool to help visualize your photographs for your wall, which I will showcase here on the blog soon. If you care to print and frame things on your own, don’t worry. Every session with your USB comes with my recommendation on where to get your photos printed. I highly recommend though using my vendors because not only they are great quality, but I only select items are are archival, made with acid free paper or UV coated to help preserve your photographs for years to come. Only professional photographers have access to these vendors, so I am happy to help! If you care to see a few of the items I offer, check out my pricing page.

Now for the awesome part! I am now booking sessions for 2014 beginning March 1st and any time the rest of the year! Since it’s my birthday month, I am throwing in a FREE treat! Every session booked by the end of February 28th, you will get a free Organic Bloom frame Ornament with an image from your session! I LOVE these! Great to hang at your office, on a cork board, fridge, and even your Christmas tree for the holidays!


But Wait! THERE’S MORE!! (Totally sounding like an infomercial right now… 😉 )

As well as the free ornament, you will be entered in a drawing to win a 16×20 Organic Bloom frame of your choosing for your home (your favorite print from your session included)! The winner will be drawn on March 1st.


See how awesome these frames are?!? Here is an example of something part of my packaging and also a little fun! 😉

*For both the free ornament and a chance to win a 16×20 Organic Bloom Frame, you must book and pay the deposit of your session by 11:59pm on February 28th. I am purchasing the frames for my own giveaway, not by anyone else or by the Organic Bloom Company. For all questions, email me at*

To request for more information about sessions and to book with Erica Abbey Photography, send a message through my contact page above, or email me at

Everyone knows I’m a foodie. I Love trying new dishes and cooking up my own. One thing though that I love to eat in the summer is frozen yogurt. Not only is it better for you than ice cream, for me it’s tastier! In the DC area the last few years a bunch of frozen yogurt stores have open up. This one in particular off of Rt. 7 in Falls Church, Virginia, Lava Yogurt, stood out to me differently than the rest.  Not only do they have delicious yogurt flavors they change every week, but they have the most fun and traditional toppings I’ve seen, and the inviting staff that sets the environment apart from the rest. My favorite part is the “grab your bottom” area. They have brownies, cookies, waffle bowls and other baked goods that is cut the exact shape of your cup. Put one on the bottom and pour on the frozen yogurt. Seriously, it’s so darn delicious.

I had the pleasure of photographing Lava Yogurt in a few months ago. I had the store to myself before it opened, photographing the awesome neon green and purple walls. Even photographed detail shots of the store from the cool modern lamps, to the delicious toppings bar. The highlight for me was they needed yogurt cups will with creations from their store to put on their website. So not only did I photograph these frozen yogurts, but I got to create some myself! I felt like a food stylist, it was awesome!

Welcome to Lava Yogurt!

I’ve been craving so much frozen yogurt while editing these images! I thin kmy husband and I have driven down from Silver Spring to Lava Yogurt four times since the shoot to have some frozen yogurt. Don’t they looking delicious?? I wasn’t kidding that you can create delicious creations! :-p

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Lava Yogurt, we have a giveaway! I have a $10 gift card to Lava Yogurt! For two chances to win, make sure to “like” on facebook Lava Yogurt and Erica Abbey Photography! Winner will be chosen on Wednesday July 31st :-).

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