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The end of August is a time of year when many families take their last vacation and prepare for school to being again. It’s a time most try to relax before going back to work. Me on the other hand, the end of August is my busiest time of year.

Besides working full time and running my photography business, I also tech the West Springfield High School marching band in Northern Virginia. The end of August is when the students brush off their instruments and start exercising again to prepare for a competitive marching season, or Band Camp as it’s known to all. Most don’t know what I sacrifice to teach marching band, and it’s really rough on me; but I am so passionate about music and especially marching band that it’s all worth it in the end.


West Springfield High School in the warm arc last year at USBands VA State Championships

So it’s been so quiet on the blog for a few weeks because I’ve been staying at my parents to making my commuting easier for work then to band camp. It was a rough start to the season, but my gosh do I LOVE the show this year.

Foodie Friday this week is a little different.  I’m going to give you a taste of next week’s line up of posts! First, I finally got back all my Film scans from Andrew and I’s trip to Texas. LOVE how they came out and help rejuvenate my love for film.





Lastly, here is a sneak peak to next week’s Foodie Friday. I know there are some who have begged me for my recipe and instructions on my Pickle recipe. Well after chatting with a member of my pickling crew, we felt sharing would bring joy to us, and have more pickle lovers out in the world. SO… I will be sharing my Dill Pickle/Asparagus Recipe next week with very detailed instructions! 🙂 Eventually I would love to make a video, but that’s for another day. Even though kirby cucumber season is winding down, this recipe is GREAT for Asparagus. Yeah, I know sounds odd right? Pickled Asparagus?!? Trust me, your minds will be blown full of deliciousness. Here is a sneak to the batch we made on Sunday!


 Until next time, Bon Appétit! 🙂

 Before Andrew and I got married, we put together a registry like most couples do. What made our registry different than everyone else’s is we didn’t really register for towels, bedding, china… a lot of the typical items you see on those registry pages. We registered for Kitchen supplies! From cast iron skillets, a rice cooker, top of the line baking sheets and a cooling mat for caramels… we seriously had it all. A “Foodie Registry” as we called it. But there was one item on our Macys’ registry that we wanted so badly, and that was a waffle maker!

Andrew and I LOVE to cook up breakfast meals. We love it so much it’s also a favorite dinner meal for us too. We told ourselves that who ever got us the waffle maker we will make them waffles for life! Luckily one of our best friends (and neighbor!), Isa, bought it for us. Let me just say she is one happy camper when she gets a text from us saying we are making waffles and bacon, and comes right upstairs! 😉 We have decided we want to perfect our own waffle recipe from scratch to have as our own little creation. After much research, lots of waffle taste testing and full bellies we have come up with our own that we are proud of! There is still a few things to tweak, but we are pretty happy with our recipe. So, as a Foodie Friday treat, I will share with you all our waffle recipe! You may wonder why the images are blurry around the edges and kinda funky. I just bought a new lens called a lensbaby and I challenged myself to shoot with it for a month to get used to it and master the tilt shifting.  I think it added a touch of playfulness to this week’s photos!

What you will need:

2 eggs

1 and 2/3 cup of Milk (we use Lactaid Skim Milk)

1/3 cup Vegetable Oil

1 and 3/4 cup of Flour

1 tbsp Baking Powder

2 and 1/2 tbsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

(If you want to add chocolate chips, add 1/4 cup of Semisweet Chocolate Chips)

1. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a medium-large bowl.  Then Mix all wet ingredients EXCEPT the vanilla extract together in a stand mixer bowl or a large bowl with a hand beater.


2. Add dry ingredients to the wet mixture. Mix together and make sure you don’t over beat it! It will become too watery if you do over beat it.

3. Add the vanilla extract and beat until completely mixed. If you want chocolate chips, add them here and fold them into the batter with a spatula.



4. Preheat your waffle iron to a medium-high setting. Make sure to read the directions on how to use the waffle iron!

 5. Once preheated, spray the waffle iron on both sides with olive oil spray, to make sure the batter doesn’t stick. Pour in the batter and spread gently with a spatula to make sure it covers the surface.








6. If you have a waffle iron similar to ours, close the top and flip and wait until the iron beeps saying it’s done. Carefully use tongs and a spatula to remove the waffle from the iron. Repeat directions until all the batter has been used.

7. If making a large batch, place waffles on a cookie sheet in the oven at 200 degrees to keep them warn before serving. 🙂

Suggestion: These waffles are a little sweet, so we always cook up some bacon to add that saltly touch to the meal. Also, (of course!) what’s breakfast without bacon?! 😉 







Bon Appétit! 🙂


I always believe the best gift someone can give is food, especially if it’s homemade. A cookie to me tastes so much better when it comes out of my kitchen then it does from the grocery store. Why? Because there was love put into them.

When I re-branded earlier this year, I knew I wanted to elevate my packaging for my wonderful clients. Even though I’m still tinkering with it, I knew I wanted to add a little something special. I really dug deep on this one decided to think about the little things that make me happy when I open a box. I thought back to when my grandparents would come to visit us from New York when my sister and I were really little. For many years I knew what was coming from my grandmother’s carry on bag and it was like celebrating my birthday every time she opened it. Inside would be a white box tied in bakers twine, and on the top was stamped in red letters: “Plainview Bakery”. They would always bring my sister and I black and white cookies and my mom her cheese danishes from this amazing bakery near their house on Long Island. These cookies are like eating a piece of heaven! Super moist with a lemon hint in the cookie, topped with hard vanilla icing on one side and chocolate on the other.

Seeing that bakers twine I knew made me happy, because I knew I would get some thing delicious from a local family owned bakery that put their heart and soul into their products. I knew I wanted to recreate that feeling of joy for my clients not only with their images, but share a piece of my life with them. When my client’s open their box, I want them to feel joy not only with the final product from their session but with a little homemade treat.
I decided to create that same feeling but with packaging details to match my modern looking brand. Instead of a white box I have found food safe chevron striped bags. The label has the classic shape with a stamp that matches my pattern, and of course I had to go with orange baker’s twine. It matches the color pallet of my branding, and close enough to the red color twine that used to wrap those Plainview Bakery boxes. Of course all my cookies are made from scratch using the best ingredients (King Arthur Flour is da bomb). All major ingredients are listed on the back of the tag to alert my clients in case of food allergies even though I ask ahead of time.

If you would like to receive the cookies, then book your session today! I have a few spots left open for the fall in time to have your images for the holiday season! 🙂