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“I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away.”

Sigh… but Paul Simon, they did take our Kodachrome away. I’m sure after you finish this post, you all will have that same song stuck in your head too ;-).

For many years since high school, I love trying new photographic techniques and different film. From red film, high contrast Black and White, and even sepia film (which was a big fail in my opinion), I have always wanted to try Kodachrome slide film. I remember reading all about it in my History of Films book about how bright, bold, colorful and crisp this slide film is. A slide film that totally fits my aesthetic as a fine art photographer? Yes, please!  Since Kodak stopped production on Kodachrome in 2009, I have been trying very hard to get my hands on a roll. I can’t tell you how many times I lost a bid on ebay, and I kept failing.

Then one normal day at work in 2010, my old co-worker, Tom, told me he got a few rolls from his buddy and that I can have one! AWESOME!! When I received it, it was three years past the expiration date. I really didn’t care, it just made me more excited. You can still shoot with expired film, but you will never know what you can get. In my case, my photos are more blue hued than what it normally should be and it’s super neat.

I knew I had to shoot this roll quick. At the end of that year the only lab in the nation that still developed Kodachrome was going to run out of chemicals. That summer my family went on vacation to Colonial Williamsburg and decided to shoot with the slide film there. I photographed the grounds of the Governor’s Palace trying to find details that I knew could stand out beautifully on this slide film. In retrospect, I wish I took my time just a little more than rushing, especially now that my style of shooting has changed a bit, but I was too excited. Once we got home I put the film straight in the mail and made it just in time to have the Kodachrome film developed. I’ve had the slide film in an archival box in my cool basement since 2010 to help with the fading. It took until last week, when Tom offered to scan them for me so I can have a digitized copy to get them on my computer. I forgot how beautiful this slide film was, and it makes me miss shooting film more and more everyday. I hope one day Kodak can bring back Kodachrome film, but one can only dream. I spent the last few days color correcting the images to match the slides and wanted to share with everyone my Kodachrome slides. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to start shooting film more regularly.





I want this plant image on a big canvas somewhere in my house! I love this shot.



Something that many of you may not know about me (unless you learned this from the About Me section of my website), I started in the photography world using film. I was such an avid user of film, avoiding the digital world for years. With the ways photography was going, I knew I had to learn digital photography. At first I hated it, but by the time I graduated college I started to love it. Almost 5 years later, all I have been shooting with is digital cameras and equipment for my job and my business.

Last year, I had been feeling frustrated with my work. It was getting harder for me to dream up ideas and I felt I was starting to lose inspiration. I decided to clean my office and reorganize my bookshelf when I came across all my binders that house my film and prints from high school and college. That lightbulb over my head turned on so fast! Maybe the frustration was I wasn’t trying anything new, not taking more risks? Not doing what I have been doing all through college? I knew how to inspire myself again,  to start shooting film.

I purchased a Rollei Magic II camera and have been dying to use it more. It’s been such a long time since I shot film that I really have to learn all over again, from  shooting to using that light meter I dug up from my closet. So during a lunch break at work one day last year, I asked my friend, Tom, to come test out the camera with me around the Folger where we worked to see if the camera still worked. From the test, I know the “auto meter” totally does not work. With the help of our light meter, we were able to get a few great exposures! I realized with this camera it’s a fixed shutter speed, so I have to be super still when shooting. The tiniest movement will create a very blurry image. From the two rolls we shot, we had some great images come from them. So I wanted to share a few of what Tom and I were able to get. 

I am hoping at some point I can continue to shoot more film, especially 120mm. My husband and I are saving our money to buy a house, so right now film shooting is very limited since it can add up after a while. I used my grandfather’s 35mm camera when Andrew and I went to Texas for our anniversary this month. It was great to use a camera my grandpa used a lot, but also just to shoot film once again. I just sent that out to the lab so I am just trying to be patient waiting for my scans to pop up in my inbox. 🙂