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I knew from the moment I received Joni and Ty’s inquiry for a special anniversary session that I was in for an awesome ride. Joni and Ty and the SWEETEST people you will ever meet that brings not only happiness and joy, but a load of laughs and jokes as well! They told me in the beginning they wanted an anniversary session to celebrate their 20th anniversary at the Cherry Blossoms in the Tidal Basin but with a twist. The second half of the session they were going to renew their vows with their closest friends at the District of Columbia War Memorial! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?! What a great way to celebrate an anniversary and was even more honored they wanted me to photograph their day!

As I got to know them months before the day, Joni mentioned to me they don’t have any photos from their wedding 20 years ago since they didn’t hire anyone. Not only did I want to help document this special memory for my client, but I wanted to make sure they got their special 20th wedding anniversary photographs to make up for not having photos of that first memory. I think that I accomplished that for them. 🙂 We started off at my favorite memorial, FDR, through those gorgeous Cherry Blossom trees. We headed over for the small renewal ceremony at the District of Columbia Memorial then ended our day at the super crowded Lincoln Memorial. It was supposed to rain that day in April and Mother Nature knows she owes me big time for eternity, and it was sunny and hazy all day! 

Joni and Ty, thank you again for choosing me to photograph your anniversary! I had such a blast getting to know you both and hope these photographs will bring you smiles, laughter and happiness for years to come.

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Unlike my favorite villain Carmen San Diego, I know where in the world I’ve been these last few months. No… I did not put the “Miss” in misdemeanor when I stole the beans from Lima or maybe flimflam every nation (you are welcome for getting the Carmen San Diego show song stuck in your head 🙂 ). I’ve been commuting to work in DC, taking care of our house with my husband slowly making it our own (and fixing a bunch of things), going to a few sessions and second shooting a wedding, and go running when I can. In my down time, I’ve been dreaming up on where the game plan for my business and life. It’s been frustrating, but I must say I am really excited for the outcome, especially for Erica Abbey Photography.

EAP business has been slow these last few months, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been down in the dumps about it because I was attracting the wrong type of clientele here and there in the past and I’ve been thinking for a while on how to fix this (it was a goal for 2014). I want to photograph families, couples, cute little newborns that are in a world filled with love and happiness. I want to photograph memories. I thought after so many years of research and trial and error I would have a workflow by now. I knew I needed something I haven’t had since college… a critique. I LOVED critique time in college and I’m probably the only one who did. I like hearing other people’s positive and negative feedback because it always helped me figure out what path I wanted to take my work. Sure, I didn’t always agree. But I really needed a mentor, a fellow photographer to look at my business with me and help me figure out which the right direction my photographs should take me. I found someone, and boy did she help me!! I know how I want my brand to speak of my work, myself as a photographer and how to showcase that. I’ll go into more detail next week when I unveil a little makeover to EAP. 🙂

I’m Über behind on blogging, so my apologies to my amazing clients I haven’t showcased yet! Here is a glimpse of some sessions that will hit the blog these next few weeks!


The ah-mazing, fun and loving Corcoran Family’s fall Session


A mitzvah project I did for synagogue (with the help of Andrew of course)


Second shot a wedding for my dear friend and fellow photog, Desiree


One of my dearest and closest friend from high school mini maternity session


A beautiful and special anniversary session at the Cherry Blossoms with a heart-felt vow renewal ceremony at the end of the session


Besides sharing their mini engagement session, I want to wish many years of a loving, happy and adventurous marriage to two of my dearest friends from college who we will be attending their wedding on Saturday!! Mazel tov MaryBeth and Phil!! 🙂