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I always get excited when a new client emails me wanting to set up a session. I love even more when people who have crossed my path in my life at some point, regardless of keeping in contact or just Facebook friends, contact me to set up a session! Niki is one of those people. We were in the clarinet section for a few years (until I switched to the brass section) in our TU Marching Band days, and we were friendly then. Fast forward many years later… Niki met Andrew. I remember seeing on Facebook her gushing over her new man, and I knew there was something special there. So you can probably picture my face when I saw an inquiry from Niki for a session to celebrate her and Andrew’s two year anniversary. Uhh… YEAH! This couple is not only down to earth, but some of the goofy and hilarious and loving couples I know. I loved watching Niki sign to Andrew, him signing back and her cracking up after his response. It’s those little things no matter how you can communicate, that makes a relationship special. Plus, their dog Dakota!! She was so sweet and just LOVED being in front of my lens. I’m sure if that dog had hair, she would be flipping it like a model cause she knows she’s pretty! It was great to reconnect with Niki and meet the guy who swept her off her feet! I had a BLAST during our session and know you will be show casing your lovely images in your new home together!


I loved watching them signing to each other!


Their dog Dakota was the SWEETEST dog ever! She loved sitting with my assistant while we were shooting around Federal Hill.



Something special is coming up in a week in the Hamilton household. Our 2nd anniversary! This year we are celebrating it by staying in our new home, and FINALLY getting our anniversary cake from Fluffy Thoughts! Seriously, Andrew and I are obsessed with our wedding cake, but I’ll get into that later. :-p This “Wedding Wednesday” and throughout the week I’m not showcasing weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, but showcasing moments of our wedding and our relationship. I don’t really share too much of our lives and our relationship, but I want to share what makes me happy and why photographs mean so much to me, even in the everyday life of a photographer.


Taken by the Wonderful Michele of PinkleToes Photography on our 1st wedding Anniversary!

Last year we had the pleasure to attend a college friend’s wedding in Denton, Tx. The day fell a few days right before our first anniversary, so we decided to road trip through Texas from Dallas -> Austin -> Houston. We went to both MLB baseball stadiums, had some of the best food including Salt Lick BBQ, and enjoying what Texas had to offer. One of the best moments during the trip was we had our First anniversary session with a friend/mentor/awesome photographer Michele of PinkleToes Photography! I always wanted to do a trash the dress session and I sure did it! The photos from the session were wonderful and finally I’m able to get around to print and hang some of our favorites from that day. My favorite thing that Michele gave us was a ornament frame with a photo of us in it.


[My tiny corner of my workspace at my job]

I love these things! They are perfect not only for the holidays, but to hang your memories in limited space. I have a bunch in our house, my office at work and in our kitchen on our fridge. The one Michele gave us is hanging at my work station at work. I can’t tell you how many times this frame will catch my eye and I’ll take a few seconds to stare at the photograph of my husband and I. It just makes me smile! It reminds me how grateful I am to have found my partner for life and the loving, funny and adventurous memories we have already created together. Those memories and excitement for our future all comes from that one printed photograph. I believe it’s important to have photos of those you love at your place of work, or somewhere in the house so when times at rough at work or a home, you have that reminder of those memories and gives you joy. A great reminder to be thankful for the memories we have had and the ones to come.

To celebrate Andrew and I’s upcoming anniversary, I will be giving TWO OB ornament frames (one for each person) for every collection purchase towards an anniversary session. If you have your wedding, dating or partnership anniversary coming up or just recently passed; or just want to celebrate your love for one another, this is a perfect way not only to celebrate but to capture new memories and to showcase them at work or home! To redeem: Book your couples session and pick your Collection by July 11th for a 2014 or 2015 session with Erica Abbey Photography.

*All OB ornament frames will be either Silver or dark gray. To book and for more information click on the Contact tab above or email Erica at To see our couples portfolio, click HERE*



I knew from the moment I received Joni and Ty’s inquiry for a special anniversary session that I was in for an awesome ride. Joni and Ty and the SWEETEST people you will ever meet that brings not only happiness and joy, but a load of laughs and jokes as well! They told me in the beginning they wanted an anniversary session to celebrate their 20th anniversary at the Cherry Blossoms in the Tidal Basin but with a twist. The second half of the session they were going to renew their vows with their closest friends at the District of Columbia War Memorial! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?! What a great way to celebrate an anniversary and was even more honored they wanted me to photograph their day!

As I got to know them months before the day, Joni mentioned to me they don’t have any photos from their wedding 20 years ago since they didn’t hire anyone. Not only did I want to help document this special memory for my client, but I wanted to make sure they got their special 20th wedding anniversary photographs to make up for not having photos of that first memory. I think that I accomplished that for them. 🙂 We started off at my favorite memorial, FDR, through those gorgeous Cherry Blossom trees. We headed over for the small renewal ceremony at the District of Columbia Memorial then ended our day at the super crowded Lincoln Memorial. It was supposed to rain that day in April and Mother Nature knows she owes me big time for eternity, and it was sunny and hazy all day! 

Joni and Ty, thank you again for choosing me to photograph your anniversary! I had such a blast getting to know you both and hope these photographs will bring you smiles, laughter and happiness for years to come.

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