2015 is a big year for EAP. Yeah yeah… I may that every year, but after my mentor session with the lovely and awesome Laura Winslow, I have really taken my time to research, write and plan out my vision on how I see Erica Abbey Photography and my work. I was worried and too hung up trying to fit in with the rest of the photo community since that’s what people are geared towards. I wasn’t myself and after realizing that, I made sure I change things to what I want it to be. How I see things. Ever since slowly changing back to me, I have been getting more clients, I have been happier, and I don’t hold back on my artistic vision. I photograph people and things the way I see the world.  Being honest with myself has made me into a better photographer, but just happier in my life as well.

A few months ago I saw the Shoot and Share contest was open for submissions for 2015. I was too intimidated to submit last year, so I made it a goal this year to branch out and to NOT BE AFRAID to submit my work to contests and publications. It’s a free contest to any type of photographer, and you can submit up to 40 images into the multiple categories they have available. I saw they had a phone photography category this year and knew this was my time to submit those my personal iphone art (#emaphotoart) I have worked so hard on the last year. I submitted about 25 photos, from my favorites from past sessions of 2014, and my iphone art photos as well.

Over 110,000 photos were submitted this year, and it was going to be voted on by the public! They had 10 rounds, which after every round they would remove the bottom 20% of images with the least amount of votes. I have to say it was a lot of fun spending hours voting for others work, and being inspired by some great photographs. I would see a photo of mine pop up here and there, but I haven’t seen any since the 6th round. I figured well at least you made it this far! 6th round out of 10, not bad, maybe I can do even better next year…

The final round of voting started yesterday, and I was intrigued to see what photos made the finals. I spent maybe an hour yesterday picking my favorites out of the 4 that would pop up for each category, rarely seeing the phone photography category come up. I had to stop before getting addicted to voting again, so I went to check my email. Right on the top of my unread inbox was this email from Shoot and Share with this inside…


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! HOLY COW I have a photograph (or a few, but I’m pretty sure it’s one) in THE FINALS?!?! Me!! I have a photograph that made the top 10% out of that 110,000 photos that were submitted!!!! I really wasn’t expecting this at all, but I have to say I cannot be more happy. This is such a confidence booster for me, knowing that my work is appreciated. Even though it’s different compared to many other photographers in my area, I shouldn’t be afraid to showcase my art, my portraits, my photographs. I am so proud of myself getting this far!

Voting ends today, so please go and VOTE HERE for the photos that made the finals!! I am pretty sure it’s one of my iphone art photos that made the finals (the building phone photograph submission, below the newborn photo) so if you see it pop up (or some of the others below) please vote for me! 🙂


I know I have many sessions and things to share, but I promise we will be back soon! I’m working hard to finalize my brand and my new website!! Hoping to have done at the end of the month 🙂





I always get excited when a new client emails me wanting to set up a session. I love even more when people who have crossed my path in my life at some point, regardless of keeping in contact or just Facebook friends, contact me to set up a session! Niki is one of those people. We were in the clarinet section for a few years (until I switched to the brass section) in our TU Marching Band days, and we were friendly then. Fast forward many years later… Niki met Andrew. I remember seeing on Facebook her gushing over her new man, and I knew there was something special there. So you can probably picture my face when I saw an inquiry from Niki for a session to celebrate her and Andrew’s two year anniversary. Uhh… YEAH! This couple is not only down to earth, but some of the goofy and hilarious and loving couples I know. I loved watching Niki sign to Andrew, him signing back and her cracking up after his response. It’s those little things no matter how you can communicate, that makes a relationship special. Plus, their dog Dakota!! She was so sweet and just LOVED being in front of my lens. I’m sure if that dog had hair, she would be flipping it like a model cause she knows she’s pretty! It was great to reconnect with Niki and meet the guy who swept her off her feet! I had a BLAST during our session and know you will be show casing your lovely images in your new home together!


I loved watching them signing to each other!


Their dog Dakota was the SWEETEST dog ever! She loved sitting with my assistant while we were shooting around Federal Hill.



What can I say, I am so excited that my sister and her fiance Colin are going to get married next year!!! It’s a long time coming for sure and their wedding will be a blast. Alexis and Colin asked me if I can shoot their engagement session in their new home in Calvert County and I was honored! Besides finding beautiful corn fields and a private beach off the river, they had something else in store they wanted me to photograph… a color paint fight!! I have always wanted to photograph a color fight, and who better to do this with then them. 🙂 Lucky for us we were able to capture the whole session right before it started to rain!

It was great to watch them spend time together since they have been living a long distance relationship for over two years, and finally able to capture some great moments for them.




They wanted to show off their boots for the save the dates since their wedding is taking place at a barn. I can’t wait to get our save the date magnet in the mail soon!




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Colin loves his truck, and it can go in the water. So of course we had to get a photo with them in the water… with the truck.


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