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That’s right! After many inquiries and some major thought and research, Erica Abbey Photography is adding weddings to our line up of photographic services! I did shoot weddings for 2 years and while I loved my clients and their weddings I thought it was too much for me. So, why decide now to photograph weddings again? As the last year went by I realized that I do miss the happiness, details, and the love you see at weddings. I miss photographing those things. I love photograph families and couples and still will, but now I am adding weddings starting for 2015. Things will be really different this time around. I know what ideally my brand and my style fits what type of weddings. I love photographing special moments and help preserving those moments in albums or prints for to be seen for years to come. I love non-traditional weddings, or “offbeat” type of weddings. Weddings with DIY or artsy details that speak of the personalities or that’s meaningful of the couple, at a fun venue that’s not a typical location you see these days. Whether the wedding is in the middle of an open field under a tent filled with loved ones, or eloping with your partner and eating a cupcake at your favorite bakery to celebrate… I LOVE photographing love between people and families and I am so excited to put my hat in the ring again of wedding photography! I will be creating a new portfolio on my website of my favorite weddings images from the past, but I will be replacing them with newer images since my photographic style and shooting experience has changed since then. I’m more experienced, organized, and have some new techniques up my sleeve! 😉 Also, to make my client experience an even better enjoyable experience, I will only be photographing one wedding a month starting in 2015. This way I can focus on all my clients to the fullest, my full time job and still have time to spend with my husband and family.

Another thing that’s going to be different is that I am teaming up with my friend Desiree of Desiree Stover Photography to photograph weddings! I’m always second shooting for her and her Mom, and she will be for me! Will we create a wedding business together separate from our businesses? Maybe! For now with both of us working photography jobs full time with our businesses part-time this works for us now. All I can tell you besides our photographic style being similar, we work so well together as a team and as friends!


Here is a little taste of my portfolio!


This is my favorite image from the very FIRST wedding I’ve ever photographed! They recently just celebrated their wedding anniversary too! Happy anniversary Kim and Justin!




This was from the most recent wedding I was the second shooter for my friend Desiree! The rain held out just in time for some great bride and groom portraits out on a golf course.

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I knew from the moment I received Joni and Ty’s inquiry for a special anniversary session that I was in for an awesome ride. Joni and Ty and the SWEETEST people you will ever meet that brings not only happiness and joy, but a load of laughs and jokes as well! They told me in the beginning they wanted an anniversary session to celebrate their 20th anniversary at the Cherry Blossoms in the Tidal Basin but with a twist. The second half of the session they were going to renew their vows with their closest friends at the District of Columbia War Memorial! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?! What a great way to celebrate an anniversary and was even more honored they wanted me to photograph their day!

As I got to know them months before the day, Joni mentioned to me they don’t have any photos from their wedding 20 years ago since they didn’t hire anyone. Not only did I want to help document this special memory for my client, but I wanted to make sure they got their special 20th wedding anniversary photographs to make up for not having photos of that first memory. I think that I accomplished that for them. 🙂 We started off at my favorite memorial, FDR, through those gorgeous Cherry Blossom trees. We headed over for the small renewal ceremony at the District of Columbia Memorial then ended our day at the super crowded Lincoln Memorial. It was supposed to rain that day in April and Mother Nature knows she owes me big time for eternity, and it was sunny and hazy all day! 

Joni and Ty, thank you again for choosing me to photograph your anniversary! I had such a blast getting to know you both and hope these photographs will bring you smiles, laughter and happiness for years to come.

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This past year as you know I completed a huge goal of mine, a 365 photo project using my iphone. I stuck through the Project Life 365 project along with so many other photographers and loved every second of it. Not only did my iphone process improve, but it reopened my fine art photography door again. I haven’t done any creative shooting since my days in art school at Towson, and I miss it every day. After my recent mentor session with Laura Winslow, one of the pieces of advice she told me that I need to be me and not worry about what other photographers are doing in my area and photograph and offer products that I BELIEVE IN because I have this unique view and art background with this passion to preserve the family portrait. She was right, I am different and was trying to hide that. I was trying to hide that artist within me. Not to say my shooting aesthetic was not me, it was more my online presence, packaging and even my editing was influenced from what was around me which had me just “fit in with the crowd”. I am unique and I’m not longer hiding that.

I spent months thinking about the words I wrote to describe myself and my business, and something clicked. I am not just a photographer, I am an artist. How I can offer something that fulfills the artist within me in my business? I was staring at my beautiful new blue iphone 5c my parents bought me for a birthday gift on my desk one late night, and it hit me! I can offer sessions with just my iphone! I can create a new type of session to clients who want something a little different, artistic and out of the box. I want to offer to my clients different ways to showcase their images as memories, and this is something that clients can still hang on their walls or showcase in a frame on a table, but as a work of art.

Starting today, I am offering a special collection for a new session to go with my new collections packages , “Iphoneography Art Session”! A non-traditional, artistic twist to modern portraiture. The file sizes will obviously be smaller than the DSLR I use, but with the package I offer a few products that will showcase a cell phone image beautifully.

Thanks to my models Anysia and Shane for being my muses for my first Iphoneography Art Session!

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photo 3

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photo 1

photo 4

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