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Before I blog a few more sessions from 2013, I wanted to make sure I share this moment I experienced a few weeks ago. I got to enjoy with my husband last month our first “snow day” at our new house. We were in the basement, watching the Ravens game on the couch. We had put our first log in the fire place and enjoyed the warmth from it while we watched the snow fall. Of course, I wanted to go take some photos. Got all bundled up and went into our back yard.

 I just stood there in the grass, with a big bubble umbrella over my head, just listening. Hearing the snow fall, the ton of birds eating at the feeder from our neighbors, the creek running through. It really was a few minutes of peace and it really made me happy. Of course these aren’t the best photos in the world since I ran around outside for a few minutes, but it still captures that memory of seeing this house I own with Andrew, our home in the snow. It captures that we made a right decision with this house and one of our first memories in this house together.

2014-01-15_0013 2014-01-15_0012

Love our little rosemary plant we have in the front!

2014-01-15_0011 2014-01-15_0010 2014-01-15_0009 2014-01-15_0008

Yeah, we got a creek in our back yard! It was one of the features we loved with this house. Pretty neat, huh? 😉

2014-01-15_0007 2014-01-15_0006 2014-01-15_0005 2014-01-15_0004 2014-01-15_0003 2014-01-15_0002 2014-01-15_0001


 This fall I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favorite returning families. I’ve been photographing the Kemery’s since Hunter was born a couple of years ago, and he has turned into one energetic boy! They wanted to go to the park to let Hunter play and grab some nice family photos. We had fun playing all over the playground, read a book and played some baseball. This family is about to be a family of four in February, so it was nice to see them together before the new addition arrives.

I love these types of sessions, because it captures the day to day love, fun and energy. The photographs gives you a visual memory way down the road, where you can picture and hear the laughter of the kids, the wind from the trees and the smile your partner gives you when you have a moment alone. That’s why I love lifestyle sessions. It captures love. It captures happiness. It captures LIFE.

Hunter LOVES to play with me every time I see him. As much as I love to play with him, it gives me a challenge to photograph him with his parents. Just a few photo examples of the “Run and Hug!!” and “Itsies!” (pulls me around to go look at ants.). Even with the challenge Hunter or any kid gives me, I seriously wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 🙂



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Want to book a lifestyle session? We are now booking for 2014 starting in February! 🙂