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I must say I never thought my business would grow this much in one year! 2013 was a chance to restart my business, learn from my mistakes and accomplishments to only grow my business even more. I seriously can’t wait for 2014. It won’t just be about my business, it’s about the experience. I have a new client experience that will take this little photo business of mine to the next level, and I can’t wait to share.

I decided late last night to just post a few of my favorites from some of my sessions from 2013, even though I am behind on blogging some of the sessions. I got to meet and photograph some of the sweetest people in the world this year. I even got to photograph food for a yogurt shop (something I want to dabble in the future)! Thank you to all my clients for a wonderful session this year. I am happy to call you all not just clients, but my friends. Here is to good health, good times and great adventures in 2014!

2013 review


Want to book a session with me for 2014? Come back to check out here and my Facebook page for more information January 6th! 🙂

I must say like any other business owner, I love when my clients are happy with the final product I give them. It makes me feel happy that I captured a memory for them that they can cherish. I love when clients refer my photography business to a family member or friend, because that’s how I get to meet such wonderful families and couples like the Schoeffield’s! I had such a wonderful time with them at their family session and this was one of my favorite sessions to date. They are a caring, fun, adorable family who were so excited to meet their newest addition, a baby boy (which she had a week ago!!)! Schoeffield family, I hope you are enjoying the love and joy baby T has brought and being a new family of 4. I hope A loves being a big sister and teaches that boy to dance just like her :-). 

Meet the Schoeffield’s!


Isn’t she gorgeous?! She’s glowing and I LOVE these next few images of her and her belly. 🙂


A was such a joy to photograph, and kept me laughing the entire time!


Have you ever asked yourself that famous question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

5 years ago I just graduated from college, living at home, started my first job as an archival photographer in DC, and thinking of starting a business. I remember thinking what can I get myself involved into, find new experiences and meet new people. Not only I started a small business, but I started working a part time job as a marching tech for a local marching band, got involved with my local alumni association for my fraternity, and drove up every other weekend to see my now husband. All my free time went to all those things. I thought then, “Where do I see myself in 5 years?” and my answer was maybe married, have a full time job and still immerse into all these activities. Now that it is 5 years later, I want to slap 5-years-ago-me in the face and ask “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!” Because I am involved in so many great things, and I have work for all of them.Because of all the work with these things, they all don’t get done.Which then causes me to resent those things I do love.

I sat myself down over the weekend and made a 2014 goal chart for my business. But it dawned on me, I shouldn’t create goals for my business yet, I need to for ME. For me, it’s hard to realize as an adult that sometimes people and your interests change, including yourself and your own passions. My passions has changed since the days of “College Erica”. I now realize it’s OK to let go and try something new, somethings that just make you happy NOW.

So I wrote my name and drew a circle around it. I decided those thought bubble charts you learn in elementary school would be in handy and only drew 3 lines from my center bubble. I knew if I limit myself those those 3 things, I can have more time to focus on those things and be less stressed and happy again. I closed my eyes and didn’t give myself a chance think and wrote those 3 things down super quick. I knew if I didn’t give myself a chance to think it over and just write, my mind would show me what the right things are for me. I opened my eyes and I saw those 3 things: Husband/family, EAP, and music. I gave a huge smile because I knew I made the right choice. So 2014 will be different. Not a ton of things for me to, just the time to spend on those things and myself. Focus on more time with my husband and family and friends, my business and watching it keep growing, and I am thinking of picking the clarinet up again and joining a community concert band. Music has always calmed me when I played, and I do miss it dearly. I think it’s time to play again. Plus, Andrew said he would teach me how to play his steel drums, so that will be fun! 🙂

I already started on my goals and dreams for my photo business. 2014 has already a bunch of changes to Erica Abbey Photography. I changed my packaging first and for most. It’s more professional, colorful, and happy. I changed to so you want to print your session images, hang them on a wall or make an album to cherish. I’m super excited about it! I also changed my management system. I have now an online system where you can fill our questionnaires, contracts and now pay online as well! I am so excited about it because not only do I not have to store a ton of binders of forms anymore, it’s going to keep me so much more organized.  Lastly, I will be offering an in-home service to those who want to print and frame your images for your home! I have this super RAD app for my ipad that you can see for yourself the layout on your wall of what you choose! Seriously it’s so cool I’ve already used it in my new house, but I’m going to post more about that later. 🙂

Thank goodness we are almost done unpacking.  Andrew and I are now starting to decorate our new house, and it’s starting to feel like a home! My office (or inspiration space as I like to call it. Maybe be lame, but I don’t care :-p ) is coming along so well! I’m just starting to hang prints and frames up and figuring out a layout for my desk. My equipment is stored so organized and SAFE most of all! I don’t have to worry about equipment falling out of the filing cabinet anymore. I can’t wait to share photos of it, but until then here is a little sneak peak of my office 🙂


photo-1Desk is still a little messy, but I have a window!! It was so nice to watch the snow fall and work on the computer!