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After a few years spending a ridiculous amount of money a month on rent on less than 1,000 square feet, my husband and I knew we needed more space and a place we can make into a home for us. After months of researching, looking around, go in and out of homes and some frustration, we found a home!!

So surprise!! WE ARE MOVING!!!

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We close and hope to start moving in the beginning of November! I can’t tell you how excited I am! Is it ridiculous I am excited that I can PAINT a wall another color other than white?? I actually will have a big kitchen with proper storage so my pantry doesn’t have to be in closet in the room we call an office?  We can decorate more than one big room and make something into what we know feels like home! We seriously can’t wait!


For me, this part is super exciting that I know will not only give me space to think , create and work; but to also serve my clients even better. I get my own OFFICE!! 😀

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A space for EAP! Where I can finally organize my client’s files instead of shoving them in binders that are stored on the floor. A place I can properly store all my equipment and not have it all piled on top of each other! This space will not only help me reorganize my business, but I get to have more time serving YOU ALL instead of wasting more time looking for all my stuff in the nooks and crannies of our apartment. I can finally order samples of my favorite products and have a place to show them off and store away properly and to package up client’s orders. Seriously, I am so excited! Obviously there won’t be bunk beds there soon, but this little room on the top floor of the house will be my space that my creativity can call home. Even Andrew will get his own office too next to mine! He finally has the space to store all of his instruments and use them when he pleases. Especially the steel drums I bought him for a wedding present that’s been sitting in his parent’s basement since we have no room for it in our apartment.

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So, Erica Abbey Photography will be now be based out of Howard County, MD starting November 1st!


I can’t believe that this year is 3/4 of the way done! When I started Project Life 365 January 1st, I thought this would make my year go by slower. Slowly enough to enjoy the days more. Man, I was wrong! It’s gone by in a flash and now it’s September! Since it’s been a few months since I have shown some of my PL365 work, I want to show you some more of my favorite images I have done recently. I have some favorites in this bunch! I can really see my taste for iphoneography, editing and my artistic aesthetic changing along the way over the year, and I am loving how far it’s come. The one thing that has surprised me is how many self portraits I have taken in the last month or so. I really don’t like being on that side of the camera, so maybe it’s a sign that I may be more comfortable to show myself in a different way?

I’m really proud of myself for sticking through a year long project. I never thought I would not only feel my creativity being rejuvenated, but it really has help me gain more confidence in myself and my artistic eye. Want to follow me on instagram to see my Project Life 365 adventure and some behind the scene shots of my life and my work? Click the instagram button at the bottom of the page or find me @ emaphoto3 .

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July 9th: #ME_TIME


photo 2

July 11th: Ball #PARK


photo 1

 August 1st: #YOU_TODAY


photo 3

August 5th: #COLLECTION


photo 3

July 16th: #TICK_TOCK


photo 2

August 3rd: #HAIR


photo 3

August 28th: #RULE_OF_THIRDS

*PL365 picked this image as their daily feature! A little screen shot below from my phone. Glad one of my favorite image by far was picked!*

photo 5


photo 10

August 31st: #THANK_YOU in ASL